We Did It!   ​Every Authors Dream!

At our last book signing, Catherine signed nearly every book we had in inventory except for three!

The words every author wants to hear at a book signing is "I have to get one of these books everyone is talking about". And did they ever! Catherine signed so many books that she almost got writers cramp.

                          Good Job Catherine!

Book 1

Swept Into Destiny -

The Beginning of the four book Series and Award Winner

I love meeting old friends and making new friends at my book signings

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​Short Stories Written by Catherine Ulrich Brakefield can be found in these books

Legends about the Ottawa, Chippewa, and Nepessing Indians have left an indubitable mark upon the Lapeer area

Catherine's final Destiny Saga Reaches a Page-Turning Conclusion!

Book 4, Waltz With Destiny, as promised, Best Book Finalist award.

​​​​​           Catherine Ulrich Brakefield          Award Winning Author 

The Northwest Territory opened Michigan’s wilderness and what later became Lapeer County and its first settlement, Almont.

Book 2 of the four book series -

Destiny's Whirlwind, considered to be one of the best!

Latest award

Serious Writer Book of the Decade Simi-Finalist

The Short Stories

The Wind of Destiny

The Book that started the Destiny Series.

Links of interest

Signing Contract for Novel # 6

Scheduled late 2022  or early 2023

​Catherine's newest and most heartfelt novel,   End of the Sunrise

Inspiration and direct input came from

Catherine's Amish friends

from Michigan Amish Community

cover is concept only

Love's Final Sunrise make perfect gifts for friends and family. Pic's above are a few that  believe the  wisdom in the  pages are worth passing around.

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Book 3

Congratulations - 

Another 1st place

Destiny Of Heart

OHCWC First place fiction catagory

Congratulations for this latest award given to Loves Final Sunrise. This now makes EVERY novel written by Catherine and award winning book. 

Order one today!

Wilted Dandelions

 Winner of Three Awards

Christian Small Publisher Book of the Year Award 2016

Eric Hoffer Grand Prize Short List for 2016 and

The Eric Hoffer Award Winner 2016