_______________________________________________________________________________________________Reviewed by Lela Buchanan for Readers Favorite

The Benefit Package takes the reader on a 30 day journey of goodness, utilizing Psalm 103 as its navigational guide--its GPS. Meticulously and thoughtfully compiled by Tamara Clymer, The Benefit Package offers brief inspirational vignettes of ordinary people experiencing God in extraordinary ways. The topics included range from everyday heartaches to extreme trauma, e.g., loss of job, bullying, sexual abuse, physical healing, infidelity and divorce, and victims of violent crime, among others. Every reader should be able to relate to some piece of this beautiful work. I liked every story; I was inspired and encouraged by most. But, I also found myself challenged and convicted by a story on forgiveness (Day Eight--The Letter). Jotting down the verse the writer quoted: Love prospers when a fault is forgiven . . .

Clymer has masterfully taken diverse slices of genuine life experiences, and beautifully assembled a redemptive journey of faith--a journey that will inspire, encourage and, yes, even challenge the reader to persevere in spite of the various obstacles on the path. I loved this book! The providence of a good God is woven, as if it were a golden thread of hope, throughout the stories in "The Benefit Package." Not too long. Not too verbose or redundant. Not unrealistic or unbelievable. A great book for anyone--even the tough-nosed skeptics in your life. A book that will certainly find a home on my shelf and in the hands of several of my family and friends, too!

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ISBN-13: 9781936501090
Publisher: CrossRiver Media Group
Publication date: 9/3/2012
Pages: 144
Product dimensions: 5.25 (w) x 8.00 (h) x 0.31 (d)


Love, redemption, mercy...provision, revelation and healing - In Psalm 103, David listed just a few of the good things God did for him. When life get tough it is easy to get discouraged, but David's list gives us plenty to be thankful for. These thirty true stories will remind you of all the amazing things our heavenly Father does for his people. No matter your circumstances or background, God is full of compassion, generous with his mercy, unfailing in his love and powerful in healing. When your circumstances leave you feeling like you have nothing to be thankful for - unwrap his benefit package and rediscover God's goodness.