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​The Northwest Territory opened Michigan's wilderness and what later became Lapeer County and its first settlement, Almont. Through a dense forest, thick with undergrowth and quagmire, these determined settlers fought the primitive frontier and their own fears. Today, the sounds of church bells ring out across the hills, whispering of the soldiers, pioneers, and Native Americans of yore, of their heartache, hardships, and joy. Like an old-fashioned quilt, their threads of courage, fortitude, and unwavering Christian beliefs wove a colorful picture through the years. Settlers and Native Americans found a commonality trading their wares, working and recreating together. Whether it is the minister doing his masters work, the bounty hunters seeking out runaway slaves and abolitionists of the Underground Railroad, or the wealthy tycoons making their fortunes during the railroad era, their stories are within the pages of this book. Here, strangers are greeted country style, as the panoramic view of Eastern Lapeer County comes alive with history, heritage, and hospitality.
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​ISBN: 9781467111393 ISBN-10: 1467111392 Classification: History of the Americas Format: Paperback / softback Pages: 128 Imprint: Arcadia Publishing (SC) Publisher: Arcadia Publishing (SC) Publish Date: 17-Mar-2014 Country of Publication: United States

The Eastern Lapeer County