​I already wrote a comment, but it does not appear with the others.. It appears under "one more comment." Anyway, I want to make sure you, the reader, know that I really, really enjoyed this book. It touched my heart and I got all emotional. The descriptions of the settings, surroundings and feelings were phenomenal. The development of the story and characters were wonderful. It is definitely worth your money and time to buy and read this book.


Cathy Does it again! With her eloquent style and beautifully, descriptive and creative writing, that takes the reader to the edge of your seat with bated breath as each page draws you deeper into the incredible journey of the McConnell family, and young Collina as she faces the ultimate challenge of carrying on Shushan at a tender age of 16. The depth of historical knowledge, biblical principles and eloquent writing style makes Catherine Ulrich Brakefield one of the best authors I have read in many years! Bravo Catherine! I cannot wait for the next in the series!

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"Catherine Brakefield has woven an interesting tale of love gained and love lost, life and death, war and peace throughout a tumultuous time of American history. Her characters draw the reader deep into the story as they journey through the stresses and joys of their lives."

— marcia mitchell, author and ministerType your paragraph here.

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"Destiny's Whirlwind"

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5 out of 5 stars Great book!
I read it in 3 days. This second book in the series was certainly no let down. I eagerly await the third. A very interesting account of the history of a nation and a family as it lives through many triumphs and defeats to serve a purpose greater than itself.


"Although the story takes place over one hundred years ago, it's relatable today. Catherine's characters are real-life, and the story is a hard won maybe happily-ever-after ending. I haven't read a family saga in a long time. Now that I've read Destiny's Whirlwind I need to follow the fam­ily to the conclusion. Beautifully-written."

—cindy, author of Secrets & Charades

"Catherine Brakefield transports fans of historical romance to an earlier time and lets us experience the sorrows, but also the joys as it was!"

—rick barry, author of The Methuselah Project

Destiny's Whirlwind by Catherine Ulrich Brakefield is an enjoyable read.The characters use scripture to form their way of life and to steer them back onto the right path that God requires of them. History buffs will especially love this book as past history enfolds along the way as if you were right there in the midst of it all. Destiny's Whirlwind is a compelling book that you will not want to stop reading until the final end.
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The second book in the Destiny series surprised me in several ways. I expected to learn more about Ben and Maggie McConnell after they wed. The setting of Destiny’s Whirlwind is twenty plus years after Swept into Destiny during the time of the Spanish American War. And our heroine, Collina McConnell is a cross between Scarlet O’Hara and Anne Shirley. She is both strong-willed and determined, yet caring and kind with a bit of quirkiness mixed in. Her steadfast determination to continue to make the family farm a success after her father’s death powers her choices. And her I- can- do -anything- a -man- can- do attitude enslaves her. Collina has two love interest Franklin and Austin. These two are also imperfect people. And their self-doubt cheats them out of the best parts of love. Collina’s faults made this story so engaging. The secondary characters are as relatable as our heroine and her suitors. I found myself caught up in the McConnell’s life and saying to the book-no don’t do it, on more than one occasion. Although the story takes place over one hundred years ago, it’s relatable today. Catherine’s characters are real-life, and the story is a hard-won maybe happily-ever-after ending. I haven’t read a family saga in a long time. Now that I’ve read Destiny’s Whirlwind I need to follow the family to the conclusion. Beautifully-written.Type your paragraph here.


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Loved the character Collina and her passion to save her family farm. This book will appeal to men also because of the Spanish-American War era of history. The words flow so beautifully in This book. Can’t wait until the next book in the series comes outType your paragraph here.

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5.0 out of 5 stars

Great Book that both guys and gals will enjoy.
April 10, 2018
This book is perfect for guys as well as gals to read. Pick it up and it captures your interest. It has romance (of course) but also includes some pretty heavy war scenes.

Great Book.

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