What the readers are saying  -  and other compliments

Wind of Destiny is one of those books that I could not put down. From the very first pages, the characters captured my caring spirit as if I knew them personally. Catherine's storytelling became art upon a canvas for me to admire and appreciate. I loved it!
Sandra Craddock
President, Addison Township Public Library Board.


In regards to Catherine Brakefield's book The Wind of Destiny;

it is so wonderful to read a love story filled with true love, integrity, patriotism, respect and a real love of life.

I am blessed by reading it and would recommend it highly.
Ruth Holt, (wife of Pastor Bob Holt)

Christ the King Church, Oxford)


This book, The Wind of Destiny, descriptively written, had me hooked as soon as I started it.  I enjoyed this Inspirational Romance and didn't have to worry about foul language or sexual content.

All of it was relished by me and then, immediately after finishing it, I started to re-read it! I became a part of the family as they experienced their joys and troubles.

If a sequel were published, following the characters into the modern era, I would buy it.

Thank you for a refreshing novel!
Jean Geil, Rochester, MI


I found your novel, The Wind of Destiny, not just entertaining but also historically enlightening and spiritually uplifting.

It confirms my belief that great faith always triumphs over adversity.
Keep up the good work!

Dan @ Bellaire, MI.


During these very stressful times in my life I was able to pick up The Wind of Destiny and relax with a wonderful love story as well as a family that puts their trust in God. You are wonderfully talented and I look forward to reading your next book.
Chris Podsiadlik, Addison Township, MI.