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Keep your schedule open! Catherine will be Hadley MI to do a speaking event!

Date: November 20, time 1:pm.

For more information, contact Catherine via email.

Catherine will be signing her books at the following venues

                                         Hope to see you there

Sponsored by the Birmingham Senior Men's Club.

Can't make it to a book signing?  Purchase from one of these fine places

It was an eventful and totally successful book signing on October 15. With just under 60 energetic seniors from Birmingham Men's Senior Club,  we were signing books faster that we could talk about them. At one time in the signing, I had to tell everyone slow down a bit, and allow me to sign one book at a time. The event took place in the Hunt Room, just off the main dining area of the White Horse Inn. My special thanks to the assistant manager, Katie for helping set up tables and posters for the signing.

It was fun, giving the presentation wearing my shadbelly!

As usual, the event was fantastic! It was a fun time to greet our friends, and meet new friends. It was not unusual to sign all four books in the Destiny Series.

                                                                          Let's Party !!!

Have you ever thought about having a "Book Signing Party"?

This is a great time to invite the neighbors (with a good excuse) and family for coffee, cookies and good fun while listening and learning about Catherine's award winning book Wilted Dandelions.

Catherine gives a thank you gift to everyone that purchases a book during the event, and a special thank you gift for the hostess.

Email her directly to to pen in your book signing party date. 

We would like to target a minimum of 8 guest plus the hostess. Remind everyone there is no obligation to purchase the book, but would be appreciated.

Depending on the number of people planned to show up, location should not be an issue.

Autographed Copies

All of Catherine's books will include a stylist pen (use it with your i-phone) with the engraving “If you have faith as a grain of mustard seed … Nothing is impossible.”  Matthew 17:20 and a small pocket Bible, is my way of saying “thank-you” and  if you can't make it to one of my book signings, they can be purchased at:

Upcoming  and updates on Book Signings 

Make your  PLANS to  attend one of my book signings