Lori Ann Wood
5 out of 5 stars,

Storytelling With a Deeper Purpose

To be honest, I'm not usually drawn to fiction. But for this no­nonsense nonfiction lover, Love's Final Sunrise was a risk that paid off in full measure. I highly recommend this author's way of weaving intrigue, romance, and Christian principles. This book leaves you believing even more in the power of community, and the power of faith. Would make a great holiday or vacation read

Patsy Reiter
5 out of 5 stars A must read.
An amazing, well-written read. I've never read a book like this. The Amish setting is perfect for the futuristic storyline. Love's Final Sunrise is Catherine Brakefield's thought-provoking, fictional story set in the days before Christ's return. The Amish community is a perfect setting for the main characters, Joshus and Ruth, as they draw on faith to face the danger and obstacles that lie ahead. An exciting page turner! Catherine most definitely glorifies our Father in Heaven. The scripture is wonderful. I want to dig deeper.

Michael James Wells
5 out of 5 stars Revelation fiction
Ruth is caught up in the last days before Jesus coming. She had led a sinful life prior and has amnesia from an accident and ends up in an Amish community. She meets Joshua and his son and becomes part of their community. The book has drama, love, danger and religion. Each chapter has a reading from the Bible on the last days. I found the book an interesting read and would recommend it to all religious readers.

Debra Allard
5.0 out of 5 stars

A Page-Turner I couldn't put down 
Love's Final Sunset is a captivating read with excellent writing that deals with the future. Catherine Brakefield weaves biblical coming events through a gripping storyline that doesn't let go. As our fingers quickly turn pages, we gulp down the protagonist's precarious situation and wonder what the villain has planned. We also learn about prophetic events coming to pass. During difficult times, an Amish community helps others to survive. This novel is a page-turner that will motivate readers to a closer walk with God. I enjoyed the characters and the story's twists. Excellent read.

5  out of 5 stars Unique story
I really enjoyed this book, even though it is a little scary at times (scary to think about, not physical scary). The story was well written, I love the inclusion of Scripture. Especially people who like End Times books should read this book, but also anyone else. The love story part was great. There were some twists and it just was a page turning book.
I was given this book as an ARC for my honest review.

Clara Page
I've always been interested in End Times Prophecy, so grabbed this book. I was not disappointed, it was a page turner and very well written. The inclusion of Scripture added much to the story. This was a little scary to think about but made you want to be sure you are living your life completely for Jesus! The story being about Amish was a twist I'd never read or thought about, but made the story really special.

Sandra Arbeni
5 out of 5 stars An incredible journey.

What an inspirational page turner. It was so thoroughly documented according to included Bible verses.
I highly recommend it.