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HOW SWEET!                       5 Stars 

By Holly S Hadacon   February 23, 2016

What a sweet story of more innocent times as far as relationships go, but also a time that was hard work and difficult. I enjoyed the westward adventure painted by the author along with the budding romance. I could not stop reading this book and stayed up way too late to do so! I passed this on to my cousin as I know she will enjoy this book also. Then I plan on reading it again!

The author did a wonderful job of letting us know the characters

Aimee M Garcia    February 15, 2016

I love knowing their thoughts, fears and dreams. I was delighted to see the female lead feeling so awkward in the city setting, quite honestly because that's not where God intended her to be. That could speak to so many readers who feel they need to "fit in" when they were made to "stand out". My prayer for this author is that she continue to grow in the conversations between her characters. Clearly there would be an elephant in the room to be explored when suddenly we cut the scene and pick it up again several weeks later. That was discombobulating. But it may have been suspenseful based on how you look at it.
A wonderful story!

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Excellent Debut by Promising New Author!

Had the honor of reading an advanced copy of this book, provided by the publisher, in exchange for an honest review. I was not required to write a positive review. However, I'm thrilled that I dearly loved this book. Catherine's writing delighted and surprised me because I haven't read any voice like her, and I found her style refreshing. I especially loved the lyrical prose and vivid imagery, the realistic and enthralling setting, the feeling of being in the story right along with the  chracters who were very memorable to me. Catherine did a fantastic job making me care deeply about the characters and their journeys. I look fordard to her next book.

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Details of the book Wilted Dandelions

 ​ISBN: 9781936501236

Classification: History of the Americas

Format: Paperback / softback (9 in. x 6 in.  x 8 in)

Publisher: CrossRiver Publishing

Country of Publication: United States

Language: English

Shipping Weight: appx 1 pound

Pages: appx: 340  

Rachael Rothburn is eager to leave her life of luxury in Boston to share the gospel with Native Americans in the west. The only problem is, the missionary alli¬ance won’t let her go unless she’s married. When Dr. Jonathan Wheaton, another missionary hopeful learns about the restriction, he is desperate to find a wife. He offers Rachael a marriage of convenience and she agrees. The pair sets off for Oregon to share Jesus with the natives, but in the process they discover God doesn’t create coincidences ~
                                              He designs possibilities

The Second Great Awakening

                         has stirred her soul...