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‚ÄčISBN: 9780738541235 ISBN-10: 0738541230 Classification: History of the Americas Format: Paperback / softback (235mm x 167mm x 10mm) Pages: 127 Imprint: Arcadia Publishing (SC) Publisher: Arcadia Publishing (SC) Publish Date: 13-Dec-2006 Country of Publication: United States
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‚ÄčLegends about the Ottawa, Chippewa, and Nepessing Indians have left an indubitable mark upon the Lapeer area. Streets, rivers, and towns sing out the melody of their ageless legacy, just as those first settlers of Lapeer left their footprints upon the towns and cities for generations to follow. Like a comfortable rocker, the lyrics of hospitality linger, whispering of a way of life not easily left within the pages of a history book. Frugal, yet compassionate, these early pioneers shared their meager provisions and scant shelters with the tribes and wayward travelers alike. Lumberjacks sawed and farmers harvested their crops, threshed their grain, raised their barns, and worshipped together. Feuds never lasted and families never parted. The people of the Lapeer area worked, voted, and played together, creating a place of beauty for the generations they would never know. The gentle rolling hillsides still ring with their music, whether it is the moccasin footsteps of the first hunter, the boot-clad lumberjack or farmer, or the European tradition of riding to the hounds-for here the panoramic view of the Lapeer area comes alive with heritage, horses, and hills.

The Lapeer Area