Catherine is a dynamic speaker with wit and boldness. Story telling is the essence of the novel. Catherine has set a standard in researching materials for all of her Christian Romance Novels Publishers and editors alike give Catherine a huge thumbs up with her research material.

She is often sought after as a guest speaker.

Catherine desires to see the word of God included in all her novels. She believes she can portray God's love and wisdom as she intertwines scripture on the pages.

Catherine has the ability to reach audiences telling of her experiences while collecting her research, with a bit of humor tossed in.

She encourages authors to never forget the reason she writes her novels, and how to research and have fun doing it.

She has spoken at ACFW-glc luncheons, schools, libraries and local churches as well.

Catherine has a gift of mentoring her fellow authors.

Feel free to include Catherine as one of your guest speakers at your next event.